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Very Moving Film

Tom George - Amazon Review

With no reviews, I could only use the preview to decide if I wanted to rent or buy this. I had a good gut feeling so I bought it. I knew 5 minutes into the film that I made the right choice. First, the acting on ALL characters was top notch. The story felt real and more like actual life situations instead of obvious fiction, where you have an unrealistic story. The vehemently hostile relationship with the mother only made sense from his failures to protect or love her son. The mother's disclosure to her son of his similarly painful childhood helped the son to understand she did the best she could due to her pain and broken soul. The older brother's and care giver's role helped to facilitate healing. The relationship between the gay and straight brother was unexpected and truly beautiful.There were some weaknesses in the story line and editing, but I gave this a 5 instead of a 4 because the exceptional strong parts of this film. Lastly the film teaches us that what is seen is not always what is true and that healing and forgive is never too late, even if the wounds seem unforgivable. As much as we fight it, there is an instinctual bond in families. For the $6 difference, buy this instaed of renting it. You'll want to see it again.


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